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Counting Scales: Platform Counting Scales
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Counting Scales

Counting Scales are scales that will count individual items based on their piece weight. Counting scales deliver a high level of counting accuracy and offer a number of additional features to make piece counting much easier and less error prone.

We offer counting scales that are simple to use and affordable. They count parts fast, accurately and avoid overages and shortages with reliable piece counts. We offer a full line of digital counting scales. Counting Scales for industrial use, inventory counting and more. No matter whether you are counting nuts and bolts, rivets, or paper, counting scales will make sure the correct number of pieces are packaged for shipment to your customers. When accuracy is important, count on us for a complete line of quality digital counting scales.

These scales are ideal for stock takes, part counting, or filling by quantity. Counting scales weigh an initial sample to determine the unit weight of each item and can count large quantities based on the unit weight.

Our Counting indicator includes a numeric keypad for unit weight and sample entry and a large backlit display to show unit weight, total weight and number of pieces. It provides user high accuracy and perfect performance.

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