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Mechanical Crane Hanging Weighing Scales Australia


C3 SERIES Mechanical Scales


HS / C3 SERIES Hanging Scales

HS / C3 Series Hanging Weighing Scales

C3 SERIES Hanging Weighing Scales Specifications

* Cast aluminium scratch resistant body
* Clear shatter resistant face plate
* 7.5 kg and lb dial
* Heavy duty welded steel shackle ring
* Large pointed J hook
* 12 month warranty
The C3 series hanging scale is a high quality industrial hanging scale. Its sturdy, cast aluminium scratch resistant body and shatter resistant face cover makes it ideal for tough jobs of all kinds. The heavy duty welded steel mounting shackle ring and pointed large J hook make this hanging scale ideal for butchers and the like. The single sided 7.5? dual kg and lb dial is easy to read.

5 kg
10 kg
25 kg
50 kg
100 kg
200 kg
20 g
50 g
100 g
200 g
500 g
500 g