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Portion Control Scales

Portion Control Scales

Includes Stainless Steel Portion Control Scale & Waterproof Portion Control Scale
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Kitchen Scales

Digital Electronic Kitchen Scale
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S3 Waterproof Scales

S3 Waterproof Scale

3 to 15kg Waterproof scales.
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Waterproof Table Scale

Digital Electronic Table Waterproof Scale
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Industrial Table Scales

Industrial Table Scale

Industrial Table Scale

Digital Scales for Sale Australia

We offer a wide range of digital scales for sale in Australia.

Our portion control scales or food service scales are built for tough kitchen environments. We have a wide range of portion control scales varying in size and capacity. Some of our digital portion control scales have the ability to display weight in pounds, kilograms, and ounces, and usually have a ‘zero’ button as well. Some of the food service scales scales also have a ‘tare’ feature enabling the user to tare the weight of a container for multiple portioning of the same ingredient in like containers.

With our portion control scales, you’re sure to get the same results every time while also saving food costs by eliminating waste. Own a restaurant? Use our food service scales for prep work, recipe consistency, and control of food costs. Own a small deli? Don’t lose profit by overfilling meats and cheeses in your sandwiches. Pre-portion your servings for fast and consistent result. Own a bakery? Use our portion control scales to keep your dough and other baking ingredients consistent.

Our portion control scales are not just limited to food applications. Use them at home for cooking, for hobbies, in the garage, commercial applications, chemical applications, mailing and shipping applications, etc.

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