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NB Series Laboratory Scales

NB Series Laboratory Scales

  • Capacities to 6000g
  • Internal resolution: 1/600,000
  • Responds quickly with accurate weights
  • Application programs include: Price computing,preset tare, accumulation, unit conversion.13 unit conversion
  • Wind shield is standard for 150g to 1000g models
  • Bar graphic capacity indicator
  • Battery provide up to 30 hours of continuous use
  • Standard stainless steel pan and dust cover
  • Standard RS-232 can connect to a printer or computer
  • Optional USB, blue tooth and below weighing

NB Series Laboratory Scales Specifications:

Model Capacity Division  Display  Function Power  Pan  Gross weight
NHB-150+ 150g 0.001g 16.5mm digits high
LCD display, with white
color LED backlight
weighing unit conversion,
piece counting, percentage weighing
AC adapter/ rechargeable
battery powered
80mm 2.9kg
NB-300 300g  0.01g 120mm 2.9kg
NHB-300 300g  0.005g 120mm 2.9kg
NB-600 600g  0.02g 120mm 2.9kg
NHB-600 600g  0.01g 120mm 2.9kg
NHB-1500+ 1500g  0.01g 120mm 2.9kg
NB-1500 1500g  0.05g 135mm 2.7kg
NHB-1500 1500g  0.02g 135mm 2.7kg
NB-3000 3000g  0.1g 135mm 2.7kg
NHB-3000 3000g  0.05g 135mm 2.7kg
NB-6000 6000g  0.2g 135mm 2.7kg